Hiking tour:

Hiking along Big gorge to the Holy baptism waterfall


Hiking along Finland's deepest gorge "the Big gorge" to the Holy baptism waterfalls provides experiences that are difficult to compare.

Steep walls of the gorge rise up to 220 meters and in the bottom of the gorge goes duckboards. Surrounding nature varies a lot and you will hear interesting stories about people who first found this place.

Big gorge is about 2.5 billion years old, and several Ice ages have shaped the rugged landscape. Holy baptism waterfall is an impressive sight and the story behind that name is also amazing.

During this tour you will hear about geological history of the area as well as the nature and history of the Sámi people.

Please remember to wear good shoes and bring a bottle of water with you!

Reservations before the previous day at 15 o'clock.

Starting time is flexible for every summer day, because it is also possible to visit in the gorge by evening time. You just book the day, there is a question what time you would wish to do the tour and we will be in contact with you or you can send us a email about availability. =)

We will pick you up by a car from your cabin or hotel

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