Hiking tour:

Hiking up to Ukko-Luosto fell

patikointiretken_opas_pyhalla.jpgYou can experience the magnificent landscapes and rugged fells of Pyhä-Luosto nationalpark on our Ukko-Luosto conquest. The golden eagle, rough-legged buzzard or even a reindeer can surpsrise you on the top on Ukko-Luosto Fell. 

Ukko-Luosto rises up to 514 meters. On the top you can experience the magnificent landscapes to aapamires, surrounding fells and over 400 years old old-growth forests. 

Please remember to wear good shoes and bring a bottle of water with you!

Reservations before the previous day at 15 o'clock.duration_level_language6h.jpg

We will pick you up by a car from your cabin or hotel

Price(inc. VAT)
 Person 90€
 Busgroups please ask your offer
 campfire, black pot coffee/tea, roasted sausages  or sandwiches 15€
 inc. friendly guiding, transportation

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Duration: 6,5 hours                                                                                                               Level: intermediate                                                                                                               Language: English