Bus groups heading up to North (E75-Nordkapp)

Amazing National park of Pyhä-Luosto and beautiful historical villages are now available for you in a easy way when you heading up to North or coming back.

Your guide is waiting for you in a parking place of Torvinen (E75-road 962) or in Sodankylä and leaves you at Sodankylä/Torvinen. Guided tour takes only about 2,5 hours without break and 3,5 hours with break at Culture and Visitor Center of Naava at Pyhä. You can continue nicely from the city of Sodankylä where our guide wish you great trip.  

This guided tour includes: 

Sightseeing of Pyhä-Luosto National park: 

  • break for photographing at Pyhätunturi
  • coffee and doughnut break at café Loimu at Naava
  • guided tour at Visitor Centre Naava´s  fascinating nature and cultural history exhibition. 

Suvanto village:

  • is perhaps the most famous village in Lapland!  
  • its architecture and atmosphere with the landscape are great experiences around the year  
  • Suvanto has been survived from destroying during the II world war 
  • Suvanto has got Europa Nostra price and it was also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. 

Pelkosenniemi  "the hearth of Eastern-Lapland" :

  • is very famous and impressive in many way not just because of Sami people but also its role in Lapland´s colonization and surviving during the Winter War 1939 are worth to hear
  • during the sightseeing through the village you can see how locals live today
  • we keep the break for photographing around the beautiful wood church 

Beautiful Kairala village:

  • was a significant agriculture producer during old days
  • its historical public house gives you a  great possibility to see how people lived during those days in the big farms
  • interesting facts and stories about Sami people, Lapland´s nature and its animals can be hear when we continue our trip to Sodankylä 
  • unspoiled wilderness is around you during our chatting. 

    Note! If your timetable is limited we can drive through the wilderness from Suvanto and bypass  Pelkosenniemi and Kairala! 

 This tour is definitely one pearl during your trip via E-75!

Note: Possibility to do this tour in either directions.

The net price is 27 Euros/person (inc.VAT)

Ø miminum size of group is 30 persons

Big Gorge at Pyhätunturi

View from Suvanto

Lanscape from Aapamire

Good old days

Beautiful river at Pelkosenniemi

Fishing by Pyhäjärvi

Relaxing is easy

Sunset by Palkosenniemii

Bauty of duckboard